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 SaV0Ir's application

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Number of posts : 1
Registration date : 2013-11-16

PostSubject: SaV0Ir's application   Sat Nov 16, 2013 2:17 pm

Where are you from (EU recommended)?
Example: Greece

How old are you ?
Example: 21

How much can you play per day/week?
Example: 6h/per day

Why do you wanna join us / what do you expect from us ?
To be honest i don't expect anything like items or anything,I just want to have a group and play as friend having fun Wink

Do you own a working microphone ?

Do you have any problem with using mumble ( its the same as ventrilo )?
No problem at all.

Write me 2 to 3 sentences in english about yourself to see if your english is good enough.
Hello,my name is Vaggelis and I am currently a student in London.

On what servers/clans did you play till now ( dont name any random servers/clans none knows) ?
TheGame C3 RPG x2,The Game C4 PVP x35,The Game c6 PVP x3, L2 Europe x10 m L2 Origins x10,L2 Blaze x70, and a lot more Very Happy

What classes do you have ?
Mainclass : Hawkeye Subclasses :not yet

Are you noblesse yet ?
Example: Not yet
Do you know how to play one of the following classes ( BD; SWS; Bishop; EE; OL; Warlock; WarCryer)?
Example: Yes, I played Bishop and EE on a 2 mid-low rate servers(x10 and x15) as main and earned a lot experience through that.

Future subclasses:
My main class is Hawkeye,but to be honest I love playing TH,so i want to keep a subclass for dagger,but the other 2 subclasses are free for you to tell me what class is needed by the clan.
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SaV0Ir's application
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