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 DELFI's app

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Registration date : 2013-11-12

PostSubject: DELFI's app   Tue Nov 12, 2013 11:26 pm

Where are you from (EU recommended)?

How old are you ?

How much can you play per day/week?
6h/day or 35h/week

Why do you wanna join us / what do you expect from us ?
Still dont know a lot about this clan, but like strategy bu picking up new players. Also the whole info about clan is accetable. I hope lot of fun by taking RB's, clan wars and so on.

Do you own a working microphone ?

Do you have any problem with using mumble ( its the same as ventrilo )?
Dont have atm, but this isn't a problem.

Write me 2 to 3 sentences in english about yourself to see if your english is good enough.
I think my english is good enough to make a logic sentence :)BTW I'm from Vilnius, Lithuania. Have a job. So most active time would be from 19:00 to 02:00, GMT +2.

On what servers/clans did you play till now ( dont name any random servers/clans none knows) ?
Wasn't playing L2 for 3 years. Before that i was playing lot in BFDr and BFDe so I'm kinda local here Smile

What classes do you have ?
Mainclass : Doomcryer Subclasses : None

Are you noblesse yet ?
Not, but I will Smile

Do you know how to play one of the following classes ( BD; SWS; Bishop; EE; OL; Warlock; WarCryer)?
I like to play for support classes, so I know to do it when playing with BD, SWS, WC.

As you see  I don't like to write a lot. I like to act, do it fast, do it good.
Nick in the game: DELFI
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reservoir Dog
reservoir Dog

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PostSubject: Re: DELFI's app   Wed Nov 13, 2013 1:45 am

Application Accepted.
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DELFI's app
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