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 L2idol - 1000x Pvp Freya Server

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Registration date : 2011-02-26

PostSubject: L2idol - 1000x Pvp Freya Server   Sat Feb 26, 2011 9:22 pm

Dear Players;

You are welcome in L2 IdoL Server, we started last 14feb, our goal is to be a top server, and you can be part of this. You have a good clan organization, and players like you, will always be welcome on our l2 IdoL Community.

In orden to enter to our server, just fallow the steps at "How to connect" .

Opened at 14.02.2011

L2 IdoL is a server pvp, hosted in a dedicated server and running at latest freya version, Our Staff is conformed by professionals developers and game masters. We have gms active almost 24/7, and protection against bots-phx-3party programs. (The fact of try one of them, will be punished with ban)

exp: 1000x / sp: 1000x / adena: 2000x / drop: 1x

Enchant Scroll: 80% armor / 75% weapon
Blessed Enchant Scroll: 85% armor / 80% weapon


-GMShop: includes all armor/weapons c3 to Freya, accessories, items.
-RewardNPC: Exchange special items for mouse coins
-NPCHelper: Exchange kit for newbies for event-apiga
-SafeEnchanter: Enchant your items to safe enchant
-GlobalGK: Teleport to any place of our world.
-BossGK: Teleport to Epic Bosses.
-NPCBuffer: with schemes. Includes all buffs.
-NPC Raid boss spawn information.
-Class Master/Noblesse NPC: You can change your class and become nobless of easy way and for free.
-BANK NPC: Here you can exchange GB to Adena, or Adena to GB. Available at Giran Town.
-Clan Reputation NPC. Available at Giran Town.

Custom Zones:

-Zone I: Include mobs with low difficult that drops medals, adena, and giant codexs.
-Zone II: Mobs with low difficult, drops adena, medals and giant codex.
-Primeval Isle: Mobs with mid-high difficult, drops adena, medals, giant codex and apigas.
-Special Zone: Mobs with high difficult, drops adena, medals, giant codexs, apigas, blessed and mastery codexs.
-Peace Farm Zone: Mobs with low difficult, drops adena and medals. Peace zone.
-Certification Zone: There are all mobs and npcs needed to make certification quest in 5 min.


-TvT every 1 hour. (1 participant by ip)
-Gm events every days. (Last man standing, Dice event, party vs party, rb events and many more.)
- Soon automatic events will be implemented.

More information:

-Service Manager : ( Top PvP/Pk, Augment, Symbol Maker, Warehouse, Class Manager , Nobles Manager,etc)
-Olympiad period is 2 weeks
-Sieges and Territory war working 100%
-Buff duration is 3 hours.
-Buff slot is 40, and song/dances is 15
-6 sub class, max lvl is 85.
-Wedding System
-Attribute System lvl 9
-Offline trade working 100%
-Custom enchant Weapon colors
-Unique GamePlay
-Many more features, See you ingame!
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Clan Leader

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PostSubject: Re: L2idol - 1000x Pvp Freya Server   Sun Feb 27, 2011 11:18 am

no ty!


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L2idol - 1000x Pvp Freya Server
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