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 KarpoV's 2nd app

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PostSubject: KarpoV's 2nd app   Tue Sep 07, 2010 6:17 pm

Where are you from (EU recommended)?
Lisbon, Portugal

How old are you ?

How much can you play per day/week?
6-7/week 8-12/weekends

Why do you wanna join us / what do you expect from us ?
I wanna join rDogs bcs ur a pretty organized clan that will allow me to play the way I like and the way I know to play,follow and assist, play sieges, do raids, and everything that a real and true clan should do

Do you own a working microphone ?

Do you have any problem with using mumble ( its the same as ventrilo )?
No, but I need to download it Very Happy

Write me 2 to 3 sentences in english about yourself to see if your english is good enough.
My real name is Caio, I'm 18 years old, I'm student and I work in a bank. I have a girlfriend, she's name is Bruna, she is a wonderful girl, I study and work alot, so I cant play like a mad, but I can have a decent activity
I play Lineage2 since 2006, so I have a little experience, I already play'd retail servers, but I "grow'd up" in Eternal Sin server.

On what servers/clans did you play till now ( dont name any random servers/clans none knows) ?
EternalSin and Eternal Reload servers (PortoPhoenix , Forsaken and KeepWalking clans in ES and just KeepWalking clan in eternal reloaded)

What classes do you have ?
Im lvlin a BD

Are you noblesse yet ?
Not yet

Do you know how to play one of the following classes ( BD; SWS; Bishop; EE; OL; Warlock; WarCryer)?
I can play as BD...I have a bit of experience playin this class
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Clan Leader

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PostSubject: Re: KarpoV's 2nd app   Tue Sep 07, 2010 6:35 pm

Your application aint bad but we wont recruit you before you are done with subclass quest.

Reply as soon as you are done with the quest.


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KarpoV's 2nd app
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