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 Apply Island

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Registration date : 2010-08-11

PostSubject: Apply Island   Wed Aug 11, 2010 9:22 pm

Where are you from ( europe is recommended ) ? Lithuania

How many hours do you play every day/week ? 5 ~ 10 hours.

Do you think you are speaking good english ? mmm, i think so good.

Why do you want to join us exactly ? i need action with clan.

Do you have a working microphone ? Ofcource yes.

Do you have any problem with joining Mumble ( same as Ventrilo just better )? No, i have ventrilo.

What for a class are you playing ? Archmage.

How long have you been playing L2 ( List the servers/clans you played on )? 5 years. I always playing low rates servers x5 ~ www.avalonas.com . I am clan leader for Seraphs clan. I leave servers because is WIPED.

What is your current Level ? 79 70%

Some more details about you arent useless . i playing 3 days ~ .. Nolifing )) i Have items, have som +9+ac. tonight i get golkonda and starting nobless quest. I playing at day 5hours ~ or 10~
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reservoir Dog
reservoir Dog

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Location : Romania - Bucharest
Registration date : 2010-07-15

PostSubject: Re: Apply Island   Thu Aug 12, 2010 10:04 am

Re-apply after you get sub-class quest done, and made some subs that we could use.

Till then we will not invite you.

Aswell things needed to be done by you, if you want to join us.

KingPong wrote:

Classes we need dont bother applying if you dont have any of those :

Overlord ( must be 80 ) - requiring at least 2
Warlock ( must be 78 ) - requiring at least 1
Warlord ( must be 79 ) - requiring at least 3
Bishop ( must be 79 50% at least ) - if you sub bishop and suck at it you get kicked right away "I lag" is no excuse for failing on bishop !
SwordSinger ( must be 80 ) - requiring at least 1

Besides that you need an Hawkeye or Phantom Ranger sub and a Nuker sub.

You must be willed to play these classes since I dont lack DDs. Im not
saying that you cant play a DD from time to time but getting DDs is
never a problem.

Quests you have to be done with :

Noblesse Quest
SinEater ( I will check your char at armory so if you got more than 2 pks you will not have a chance to join us )
Valaks Quest ( at least 2x )
Baium Quest ( at least 8 Blooded Fabrics )
Antharas Quest ( at least 2x )

Other requirements :

S-Grade weapons for all your classes ( SA is not required )
Working mic and mumble.
Fluent english.
Being able to follow orders strictly w/o discussing.

I still play L2(only till IL), everything above sucks.
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Apply Island
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