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 The Kamael

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PostSubject: The Kamael   Sun Sep 30, 2007 4:58 am

Here's the most relevant information about the new Lineage 2 update, "The Chaotic Throne 1: The Kamael" which will bring a lot of new features, specially a new playable race.

I'll keep updating this thread as more details about this update come out.

Concept of the Kamael

1. Soul Absorption: Kamaels absorb souls from opponent's corpse and use them at battles.
2. Accumulation of Battle Ability: Not only leveling up, they can increase special ability of battle tactics. (I have no idea about what this is)
3. Specialized Weapons: Long Sword, Rapier, and Crossbow will be the new weapons. Only Kamaels can use them effectively.
4. Dynamic Battle Style: Dynamic attack motions and needs of player's controls will make players not get bored. (what? o.o)
5. Strategy using Terrains: Depends on terrains happening battle, required skills will be changed to be effective.


Some concept art related to the Kamael. (click on the thumbnails to view the pictures)


Berserker (only available to male characters) - Specializes in high physical attack abilities, uses two handed sword as a main weapon, and has ability to charge toward enemies quickly.

Storm Assault - Attacks target and area by charging into them.
Disarm - Disarms targets' weapon (disarmed weapon goes into inventory.)

Arbalester (only available to female characters) - Specializes in long range attack abilities, uses Cross bow as main weapon and has ability to use trap skills against opponents.

Decoy – Prevents getting attacked directly by summoning a clone of herself.
Trap Skill – there will be many different types of trap skills but there was only mentioned “slow”, “lose target” and “poison”
Bionic Boom – Plants a bomb within the target, it blows up the target including the surrounding area.

Soul Breaker (available to both character's genres) – Specializes in high magic battle abilities but also has decent physical battle abilities. Uses rapier as weapon and can also have mage weapon on the other hand.

Blink – Has ability to teleport him/herself within the area.
Reaction of Divinity – Depending on opponent’s number of buffs/debuffs this magic attack’s damage varies (more buffs they have more damage you can deal, I’m guessing.)
Steal Divinity – Allows you to steal buffs/debuffs from the opponent.
Triple Pierce – Using a rapier, pierces the opponent 3 times.

Skills' Animation

Wow! They look great! (click on the thumbnails to view the pictures)

Territories (continuation)

Just a few more concept art, I guess the first two pictures are related to the Island of God's Wish and the rest is related to the Kamael's territory. Enjoy.

Guild Halls and Fortresses

New Fortresses will be siegeable 24 hours a day. Battles will be short but rewards will be great. The fortresses will not only provide a base of operations in that area but they will also be considered your Clan's base of command for inter-server wars, so guard them well from both people and monsters.

A Fortress Siege has 2 phases:
1st : PvE - All registered clans have to clear all NPC defenders inside fortress.
2nd : PvP - The winner gets control over the fortress.
Unlike a Castle Siege, there will be rewards to all clans in process of sieges. New skills, items, accessories will be added for fortress holding clans.


I guess the first one (Barler) is that raid boss that was referred above. (click on the thumbnails to view the pictures)

Pet System

Pets will be re-balanced. They can transform when they level up, and leveling them will be easier. (finally the wolves will be useful, or so it seems)


Agathion is the name given to the souls which will be able to be trapped/sealed inside of a totem or ring (similar to a genie).
1st - Angel Shape. This will be available only to Castle owners as a way to make their characters unique.
2nd - Pig Shape. This will be available to all and will be purchasable at clan halls and fortresses.
As yet, there are no abilities, they will be put in in a future patch.


Q: What are the differences of battle tactics regarding terrains?
A: A certain class of Kamael has the ability to use traps and different skills depending on heights of terrains.

Q: What are Classes of Kamael?
A: They’re not like the existing classes. The Kamael will have unique classes. Each class use Long Sword (Berserker), Crossbow (Arbalester) and Rapier (Soul Breaker). The other races can’t subclass as any class of the Kamael.

Q: Are there any differences depending on character’s sex?
A: Only male characters can be Berserkers and only female characters can be Arbalesters, but both can be Soul Breakers.

Q: What are the required conditions to play as a Kamael?
A: There aren’t any. The rumour that accounts had to have a Noblesse or level 80 character before players could create a Kamael is false.

Q: When will their other wing appear?
A: When they reach a certain level they will unfold their “second” wing.

Q: Is soul absorption and use similar to Onimusha?
A: Yes. Soul absorption will happen automatically. Kamael store strength from soul absorption and use their skill from that strength.

Q: Where will be their island located?
A: It will be an isolated island separated from the existing L2 continent.

Q: When will players be able to play as a Kamael?
A: Players can play as a Kamael this Summer, when the latest update “Chaotic Throne - The Kamael” comes out.

Pfew! I finally finished this...

All the information above is related to Lineage 2 official servers, of course. We’ll have to wait a lot until we can create our Kamael characters here at L2eXtreme.

Artworks :

Kamael male with apella armor :

Kamael female with draconic leather armor:

Kamael Town :

Kamael ( female ) in action :

YouTube - Lineage 2 - The Kamael (in game)

Source: L2Blah - L2Guru - Powered by vBulletin / PlayNC - °ÅºÎÇÒ ¼ö ¾ø´Â °¨µ¿, ¸®´ÏÁöII

Made by Aramil ®
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The Kamael
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