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 Strider quest

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PostSubject: Strider quest   Sat Oct 06, 2007 12:18 pm

You need to be lvl 35 to start this quest, but can buy/use one on lvl20.
- you need a pledge house to let the hatchling evolve into a strider.
- You cant get strider till C2, no info on wyvern.
- You can't choose the dragon, it's distributed randomly. (Starlight, Wind, Twilight - dragons)


1.Go to Giran Castle Town and talk to Pet Manager Cooper to start the

2. Go find Sage Cronos over in Hunters' Village. Choose one of the following
two items to go get for Cronos:
Fairy Stone or Fairy Stone of Purity (aka Deluxe Fairy Stone)
Fairy Stone ingredients: 10 Toad Lord hides, 10 Coal, 10 Charcoal, 1 D-grade Gemstone
Fairy Stone of Purity ingredients: 20 Toad Lord hides, 10 Coal, 10 Charcoal, 1 C-grade gemstone, 1 Stone of Purity, 5 Silver Nuggets

3.Go to Dion Castle Town and talk to Marya who stands in the magic/general
goods store. Now you must go hunt Toad Lord (is called Inpikio in Korean
client) in the Cruma Swamp.

4. Go back to Marya and make the stone you chose. Then go back to Hunter's
Village to talk to Cronos. He will send you to talk to Guard Byron at the
exit to Hunter's Village on the way to the Enchanted (Fairy's) Valley. He
will send you to the Enchanted Valley. The choice between the two stones
won't matter unless you kill a monster in the valley. If you have a Fairy
Stone of Purity and you kill, then the stone will disappear.

5. Find the NPC Fairy Mimyu in the northern area of the valley (look at map
in pictures section). She spawns in a few places in that area so look at the
map. Mimyu will give you a list of Drake/Wyrm NPCs to meet and gives you
fairy dust.
Exarion - West of Oren Castle on top of a hill/mountain - Drake
Kalibran - South-west of Oren Castle on top of a hill/mountain - Drake
Zehof - East of Iris Lake - Drake
Samhai - South of Death Pass - Wyrm
Sujet - North of Death Pass - Wyrm

6. Choose the nearest/most convenient Drake NPC, find it, and talk to it.
This walkthrough will show both Exarion and Kalibran. You will get an egg
and then be sent to kill some selected monster and bring back 20 of the
particular drake's eggs. (Kill Leto Lizardman Warriors for Exarion and Road
Scavengers for Kalibran, for example).

7. The drake will take the 20 you collected and give you another egg you
take back to Fairy Mimyu. Mimyu will then give you a hatchling flute with
which you summon the hatchling.

Star Strider (55)
Passive, Exp: 1920, SP: 124, HP: 966, P.Atk: 184, M.Atk: 120, RunSpd: 120, Atk.Range: 40
Skills: Summoned Monster Magic Protection (1)

Twilight Strider (55)
Passive, Exp: 1920, SP: 124, HP: 966, P.Atk: 184, M.Atk: 120, RunSpd: 120, Atk.Range: 40
Skills: Summoned Monster Magic Protection (1)

Wind Strider (55)
Passive, Exp: 490, SP: 10, HP: 2444, P.Atk: 700, M.Atk: 470, RunSpd: 200, Atk.Range: 40
Skills: Summoned Monster Magic Protection (1)

Another Explanation:

Step 1: Speak to Old man Chronos in hunter village, he will tell you that you need a lvl 55 Hatchling to begin the quest, and if you already do so, he will arrange an appointment when fairy Mymyu, who is the fairy you received your hatchling from. She is located in Enchanted Valley.

Step 2: Speak with Mymyu, there are some options to choose from which to talk. At the second window, choose the one that doesn't make her run away. Then she will ask you to show how much the Hatchling has grown. After showing her, if she is impressed by it's lvl (55), she will give you 4 magical leaf which are essential to getting your Strider. She will also tell you about the four fairy trees and their guardians.

Step 3: You head out to find the four trees. These four trees are on the north side of the mountain south of hunter village. These four trees are located around the edge of the north side of the mountain, as Mymyu has told you, these trees were planted to keep something from getting over from dragon valley.

Step 4: Getting your hatchling to drink the tree saps. Basicly, just have your hatchling attack the tree, and while it's attacking, kill off the tree guardians. But be very careful to keep 3 things in mind:

(1) NEVER attack the tree or get too close, or else you'll get a uncurable poison (It is curable , but only by very high lvl mages)If you have a healer, then your going to be fine for the quest, but you might die afterwards since the poison lasts very long.

(2) DO NOT KILL THE TREE, if you kill the tree, there will be around 20 spirits coming out of the tree and target most likely, your hatchling. It will be dead in 2 seconds if you kill the tree. And then the spirits will come after you and your party. If you are a very high lvl mage and kill the tree before your hatchling does, it will come after you instead, which then you can heal yourself and have party members or yourself get rid of these pests.

(3) BE PATIENT. Sometimes,the tree is almost dead, but the tree does not take the leaf from you. Do not kill the tree, unless you are prepared to take the harsh poison and the 20 tree spirits. If you can't, sit around and relax as the tree heal itself, or if you are a healer or have one in your party, have it heal the tree and keep letting the hatchling attack it so the tree won't die and the hatchling is still drinking.

Step 5: When your hatchling has finished drinking, you would know it, because the leaf automatically disapears. When the leaf disappears, move onto the next tree. The first tree that you finish drinking it's sap, the tree will talk : " Give me the leaf!" . The next few trees won't talk to you, but the leaves will disappear by itself.

Step 6: Go back to Mymyu and remove all items from your hatchling and show it to her, then remove unsummon it and talk to her again and she will give you a Strider.
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Strider quest
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