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 How to Fraps - Guide by Buto

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PostSubject: How to Fraps - Guide by Buto   Thu Mar 27, 2008 12:01 am

Hi guys!

I will now be explaining to you how to make a Fraps! But first I will explain what is Fraps.

Fraps is a program which records your screen. So you can make this program record your ingame actions and adventures! By ingame I mean Lineage 2 of course...

As you know the replays in L2 are kind of bad because if you watch em back there isn't alot of info there, no usernames, no clancrests and no windows or skillbars to see whats going on and stuff. When you use fraps, you record real time to a moviefile.

Fraps works in that way, that you need to have it running at the same time with Lineage 2. You can program it to start recording when you hit a certain button, and it will also end recording when you hit the same button again. Fraps is also handy because it shows your FPS ingame and you can also create screenshots with it, although these are lower quality than L2's own printscreen button, but it's still a function in Fraps too.

Now download this version of Fraps which I found on the interwebz and I will guide you trough it step by step if you need it! ;o


K well there you go naps! You need to install it first, I'm sure that can't be or is not a problem. If it is a problem for you ... then reply.

Anyways, now open Fraps, this is what u should see.

As you can see there are several 'TABS', these are clickable. Let's click on FPS:

Here in the FPS menu you can choose if you want to show FPS ingame. FPS is frames per seconds, and it's an indication as how smooth the game runs. Anyway these are my settings as you can see, the current settings puts FPS in the upper right corner of the L2 Window, which you can maybe see on some of my screenies which I posted in the past. It's probably the best place to put the FPS thingie/viewer.

Now let's go to the next tab:

Okay this is the Movies menu, this is the important one basically. You see the first thing is where do you wanna save your movies/fraps? Well change that to wherever you want and wherever you can find it. Please note that the fraps that you make are HUGE in size so make sure you have at least SOME gigabytes free. The next thing you see is the Video Capture Hotkey. This is the button you will hit ingame to start recording and to end it. The key I use is the zero on the numkeypad, which is to the right of the arrowkeys on all keyboards (except laptops i think). You can also change this to whatever. Now there is an option to Record Sound, this is also optional, I recommend using it, but you will also record the teamspeak and such. =p
There is also an option lower which says No Cursor, this means that you will NOT record the mouse ingame, I like this too, if you record the mouse this can be distracting and sometimes it blocks the view of something tiny. Half Size / Full Size is basically an option to make smaller movies, but this means it will be horrible quality. I record at 25 FPS, it's decent enough, sometimes I dont even get 25 fps ingame (dont ask lol) but usually my Vegas movies I render them to 15 FPS so that the size of those stay limited.

Anyway, next tab Screenshots:

Well you can make screenshots with Fraps, you can make another push to capture button (hotkey) here , I chose the slash / on the numpad for that one, used to be hotkey but that kinda made me run in the game lol =\
Choose to save as JPG will mean not incredible huge 1 mb files per screenshot.

Okay that concludes the guide.

If u have questions lemme know!

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Major Dog
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PostSubject: Re: How to Fraps - Guide by Buto   Tue Apr 01, 2008 2:56 pm

DL'ed installed and ready to pwn! :> let the fun beginn


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How to Fraps - Guide by Buto
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