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Registration date : 2007-12-07

PostSubject: Application   Fri Dec 07, 2007 3:11 pm

Where are you from ( europe is recommended ) ?

How many hours do you play every day/week ?
3-4 hours on a average day. 7-10 hours when I need my fix.

Do you think that you are speaking good english ?

Why do you want to join us exactly ?
Well, I was leveling a new char (Dostoevsky, Tyrant) when I ran into a clanmember on a alt. I donīt even remember his name (iīm terrible with names) but we started partying, had a few pvps, talked about L2. He seemed like a really nice guy (I know he was german) and he told me to check out your site.

So, back to the question, I want to join because I enjoy mass pvp, organized raids, sieges and simply socializing.

Do you have a microphone , Ventrilo & Teamspeak 2 ?

Are you able to follow orders ?
Yes Sir. I am a team player.

What for a class are you playing ?
Ehm. Depends. I have several chars on different accounts. Right now iīm having fun leveling my tyrant (2 rebirths so far) but my main chars are HE, SR, AW, Bish, Necro, SH. I also have a few support classes for PoW and CoV (planning on making a PP for PoF also).

What is your current Level ?
All my mains are lvl 78 3 rebirths.

Some more details about you arent useless .
Iīve played L2 since Open Beta on retail (Gustin), stayed until C4 went live before the grind broke me. Found L2extreme (the original l2x) and made new friends, since then I moved with them from different servers when we got bored and wanted a new challenge. We played Eternal Sin, L2Gold, L2Supreme and a few other minor servers. I enjoy playing with people who know how to play.

Last move was to L2supreme but since I donīt have time to play L2 like the old days and the server was medium rate (x15) with no gm shops/mp pots etc (itīs basically like retail, which was pretty nice) I took farewell from my old clan/friends and decided to quit L2. Those who have tried know what happens eventually, thatīs right, you start playing again. So, I decided to move back to l2gold for fun. I already had enough chars and was just looking for a good time and casual pvp.

L2 isnīt made for solo play, itīs all about team play. So thatīs why when I met your clannie I started thinking maybe I should try and join a clan. I know almost nothing about you, I only met this guy a few days ago, and I havenīt seen anyone tagged in your clan but if youīre interested in getting to know me.. I think I can be a useful member.

PM me or send me vent info if youīd like to know more.
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Clan Leader
Clan Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Application   Sun Dec 09, 2007 12:31 am

The clan is currently in a difficult situation. I'm seriously not sure if its a good idea to take in any new Trial-Members. Lets meet up in our Teamspeak 2 Server to make clear if it does make sense to give you a Trial-Time.

Check your PMs asap !

Best Regards , KingPong.


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